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Pressure compensators are used to maintain preset pressure differential across a hydraulic component to minimize the influence of pressure (slackening, sheers, vibrations etc.) variation on a flow rate passing through the component. Compensators basic types regarding the direction of the movements of the main shaft are the following:

- axial compensators ( horizontal movement)

- angular compensators ( included angel with the shaft)

- lateral compensators (movement normal to the shaft)

Basic types have various versions.

We can offer several compensator types with different constructions, with one or more wall, from different materials, even with PTFE inside.

In order to give you a price offer, let us know the following:

- Inner/outer diameters

- Total length of the hose

- Working pressure

- Number of pieces

- Type of the fittings and couplings

- Type of the material being transported

- Working temperature

- Type and volume of the movements which must to be compensated

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