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25 February 2016 - 31 August 2016
"Machinery Acquisitions to the Mechanical Equipment Installation of the Corrosion Protection Factory Hall”

Investment Tender of the Széchenyi 2020 Plan titled “Machinery Acquisitions to the Equipment Installation of the Corrosion Protection Factory Hall”.
Name of the Beneficiary: Frekvencia 2000 Ipari,Kereskedelmi és Szolgálta


Dear Visitor, welcome to our website! Our company-group of Frekvencia Bt. (established in 1990) and the Frekvencia Kft.( established in 1997) is dealing with  wide range of industrial rubber products.
In line with the traditional trading business activities, we are devoting special attention to the various solutions of the technological utilization of the rubber. The practical implementation of the various rubber coating based corrosion protection, and the different tasks regarding the conveyor-belts are given a special attention, in this industrial area. We have been expanding our traditional industrial hose trading activity, with opening our new commercial office and store-house in Gödöllő in February 2017.
The headquarters of our company can be found in Sajóecseg ( H-3793 Sajóecseg, Állomás út 53.) 7 km away from the M30 motorway (exit to Miskolc) and 800 m from Road 26.
Among our suppliers, there are several venerable enterprises with long business tradition from Western-Europe, who plays a significant role in the area of the industrial rubber processing all over the world.In order to able to secure and to provide the appropriate quality of the services to our clients, both of our companies have implemented and are operating a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 and an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2004. Our companies have implemented and operating a Management Systems for Occupational Safety according to Safety Certificate for Contractors (SCC) certification from the year 2016. Company sites: I. Kazincbarcika - BORSODCHEM    corrosion protection of steel tanks, railway wagon tanks, fittings, anion and cation tanks, flue gas desulphurization systems and various pieces of carbon steel equipment, against aggressive chemicals by using soft and hadr rubber films; all this with guarantee and with complete implementation ( metal structure work, scaffolding, surface preparation and gluing). Up to now we have  applied more than  45.000 square meter of hard and soft rubber coating  and we have repaired and replaced thousands of meters of conveyor belts.
II. Dunaújváros - DUNAFERR At this site we operate with one of the largest vulcanising ovens in Hungary. We are preparing abrasion resistant rubber coatings for Dunaferr Acélművek ( Steel Mills) Kft. We perform service work on conveyors ( rubber belts) in a 30 km long system, with belt splicing on the spot, cold and hot vulcanization and repairing, replacing and inserting tyre treads and cover plates. Our further activites: - manufacturing of rubber moulded products, - preparing corrosion and abrasion resistant rubber coatings - manufacturing and assemblage of hydraulic water hoses - surface pre-treatment, sandblasting - tyre assamblage, repair and replacement of all sizes - plastic belt splicing and replacement III. Edelény, Shaft I. This plant is located 20 km away from the M30 motorway ( exit to Miskolc, beside Road 27.). At this site we perform the installation of fittings on flexible, acid-resistant metal hoses and making pressure test with modern equipments. We are working in a factory hall of 600 square meter on the plant, and making corrosion protection rubber coatings with two vulcaniser ovens and a sandblasting cabin.

IV. Gödöllő Méhész köz 5.

We have been expanding our traditional trading activity of all kinds of industrial hoses, with opening our new commercial office and store-house in Gödöllő, which is only a 25 minutes to drive from Budapest. We ahve a more than 700 square meter storage capacity on the plant. This site can be reached through two differents exits of the M3 highway, and is suitable for truck loading as well.

Industrial areas for capital investment: We have a 3,6 ha greenfield area in Sajóecseg right beside the railway station. Infrastructure: availability of natural gas, electricity, water and sewage water within 400 meter, connection can be installed easily. We have a 3,8 ha brownfield area in Edelény, with infrastructure as well. Surfing and searching on our website, you can find detailed, exact information about our services and our products as well. Should you have any kind of queries regarding our products or the services not to provided to this website, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues on the given contact information, and they will be at your service in anything. I hope you will be our customer soon.
Mr. József Rabi
owner and managing director

Commercial office and store house Contact:Ms.Györgyi Hajducsek Cell:+3646346484 E-mail:

Frekvencia 2000 Ltd.

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